Restylane New York

Restylane New York - A cost effective method of reducing wrinkles

Restylane (often misspelled as Restlane, Restylene or Restyane) is a popular injectable filler that is used to fill in facial lines and wrinkles. Because of its effectiveness, Restylane is often described as a plastic surgery alternative. Restylane is primarily used to improve facial contouring, lip augmentation, and wrinkles that appear on the forehead, eyebrow, and nasolabial wrinkles. Restylane is comprised of a formulation of hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance found in the human body. The purpose of Hyaluronic acid is to provide cushioning to the bodies various tissue by way of attracting moisture. It is important to note that the natural label applied to Restylane does not imply that is is derived from human or animal sources. Because of this many in New York may prefer Restylane to other products solely based on its non-animal origins.

Restylane New York - procedure details

The average length of a Restylane procedure varies between 10 s to 30 minutes depending on the individuals needs. Most patients typically do not require a general or local anesthetic for this procedure, but many receiving a lip Restylane injection opt for an anesthetic cream to minimize any pain during the procedure. Most New York Restylane injection procedures are conducted in an outpatient capacity.

Restylane New York - Side effects and risks

The normal side effects of receiving a dermal filler inject consist of redness, tingling and swelling. The majority of these side effects are temporary and will fade within a matter of a few days. Restylane has a long and safe history of use in Europe and across the world for more than a decade. Over the past decade over a million individuals have safely received Restylane injections with few if any side effects. Restylane's excellent safety record is based on the relatively small number of treatment side effects given its widespread use. Ultimately individuals should discuss their individual circumstances with their physician before receiving any treatment or procedure. Before undergoing a Restylane injection individuals should avoid NSAIDS medications such as Ibuprofen as well as aspirin and vitamin E in order to decrease the risk or chance of bruising or bleeding in the treated areas. If these recommendations are followed individuals who receive a Restylane injection should be able to immediately resume daily activities.

Restylane Injection - Results that last

Restylane is said to last longer than other competitive products. The exact duration will vary, but the average Restylane treatment may last from 6 months to over a year.

Cost of Restylane New York

Many factors will determine your Restylane cost. Like other procedures it is good to shop around for price and quality of service. The cost difference in Restylane procedures is largely based on how much Restylane you will need. Restylane costs can also vary based on your location. For instance in Manhattan Restylane injections may cost more than upstate New York Restylane injections. The average cost of Restylane in New York will run from $350 to $800 per treatment.

Will my insurance cover Restylane?

Because Restylane is an elective procedure your insurance provider will not want to cover the cost of Restylane injection. If Restylane is used in the process of reconstructive surgery then there is a possibility of having it covered.

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